Indulge in the

Perfect S’more.

Roast your marshmallows, chocolate, & graham crackers at the same time.



Enjoy S'mores that are

Roasty. Toasty. Melty.

This is truly the way a s'more should be consumed. Who wants a s'more with hard chocolate, and cold graham crackers?? Elevate your s'more game today!

World's Greatest S'more Roaster.

Welcome to STRATOS'MORES®, the World's Greatest S'more Roaster.  

Ready to step up your s'more game? Stratos'mores® roasts everything at the same time, resulting in toasted grahams, thoroughly melted chocolate & marshmallows done to perfection, leaving you with the best tasting s'more you've ever tasted.  

The Stratos'mores® s'more roaster cradles your treat, holding grahams, chocolate, and marshmallow securely while you rotisserie your s'more over a heat source. The beautiful maple handle allows you to use one or two hands for maximum control. Roast to perfection and be ready for you perfect s'more. When you're done, Stratos'mores® breaks-down into two pieces and stores securely in it's carry case ready for the next adventure.


  • Safe for Kids.

    With Parental supervision.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

    Assembled by hand in McCall, Idaho.

  • Highest Quality Materials

    Engineered to last a lifetime.

  • 3 year warranty

    Anything goes wrong, we will replace of fix at no charge.

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STRATOS'MORES S'more Roaster
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Roasting S'mores is

A thing of Beauty.

Design is something very important, and I wanted to exceute a roaster that beautifly held the ingredients of the s'more, while still making it feel non constricted. We use only the finest materials from food grade stainless steel to exquisit maple wood handles.

Take your roasting to

New Heights.

The Stratos'mores roaster is portable and breaks-down into two parts storing nicely in a sturdy canvas carry case so you can take it on all your adventures no matter how far.

Explore S'more Adventures

Stratos'mores® Features

  • 1. Timeless Design

    Simplicity meets function, everything you need but nothing you dont. I set out to design a roaster that would hold the s'more all together, but not make the s'more feel trapped or in a cage. Using the physical properties of the ingredients to serve as factors in which the roaster functions. This roaster is easy to load, so simple to roast, and a breeze to remove the s'more for divulsion.

  • 2. Stainless Steel Construction

    Rust is not an option, and keeping your roaster food-safe is a major priority. Our roasters are made from 316 Stainless steel, made to last a lifetime. Clean up is a breeze with some warm water and dish soap.

  • 3. Premium Maple Wood Handle

    The Stratos'mores handle and nub are turned from Maple wood and draw inspiration from Mid-Century Modern Fireplace tools. The 8" long handle sits comfortable in one or two hands and is meant to give the user full control of the roast. The Nub is the perfect little spot to grasp and open and close the roaster. The subtle curves and lines of the handle tie into the shapes that the roaster exudes.

  • 4. Sturdy Canvas Carry Case

    We believe the carry case should last as long as the product, and for us, we were tired of weak nylon carry cases that rip. This carry case is just as nice as the roaster that it protects. Made from a 12 oz. Duck Canvas, this case will stand the test of time, and only starts to look better with age. Keep everything tight with a cord lock on the 550 Paracord with reflective tracers that make it stand out in the dark. Also features a nylon woven logo label. Carry case also Made in U.S.A.

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