Ready to Roast?

Setting up your roaster and loading it with delicious ingredients is a smooth easy process. First, you will take the roaster out of it's canvas carry case and assemble to two parts by threading the handle portion to the roaster portion. Now your Stratos'mores® Roaster is ready to load with Graham Crackers, Chocolate, & Marshmallow.

A nice flat surface is useful when loading up your roaster. Let's start with opening up the roaster all the way.

Load it up!

1.) Open the roaster all the way flat.

2.) Place bottom graham cracker square on the roaster.

3.) Place the chocolate on the cracker.

4.) Set the marshmallow on the chocolate on it's side.

5.) Place top graham cracker on top of the marshmallow.

6.) Using a hand to hold the contents in place, while you use other hand to close the roaster.

7.) Make sure your s'more is nice and centered, then secure the hook to the main portion of the roaster.

  • Ideal for so many occasions!

    From the campground to the RV park! The bonfire on the beach to the fire ring in the mountains! From the kitchen stove to the backcountry! From backyard fire pits to tailgating at the game.

  • Clean-up is a breeze.

    After you are finished roasting, simply wipe up any mess on the roaster with a paper towel. Break it down back into two parts and put it back in the carry case for the next adventure. The roaster really does not get messy, so you can keep roasting s'more after s'more. When needed, just hand wash with warm water and dish soap. Not reccomended for dishwasher.

Designed with you in mind.

Each detail was carefuly created to look and perform beuatifully so you can have the best roasting experience possible.