Our journey began when one summer night we had a gathering at a friends party with a bonfire on a beach in Southern California where I had fashioned some coat hangers to hold all ingredients of the s'more; graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow.  Proceeded to roast everything over a hot fire, resulting in the best s'more I have ever tasted hands down. The toasted graham, golden brown marshmallow, and fully melted chocolate was something that I knew would change the way we all enjoy this legendary treat.  It was that evening where the idea and concept of Stratos'mores was born. Through multiple design changes, prototyping, and vigorous testing we came up with a highly functional design that will roast best s'more you have ever consumed.

Stratos'mores is proudly made in the USA, & assembled in sunny California.  Constructed of the finest materials from the stainless steel rod, to the maple wood handle.  We want to deliver a quality product that can live in your camping and outdoor living quiver for generations to come.  We strived for a simple timeless design the looks as good as it performs.  The times spent around with friends and loved ones will always bring joy and smiles to peoples faces.

We live for adventure, and want to enhance the s'more experience for everyone.  It is all about sharing great times with the people who are important to you, and we feel the campfire is one of the best places to do that.  Create long lasting memories and life changing s'mores!

Stratos'mores is continually striving to deliver the World's Greatest S'more Roaster.

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Every journey starts somewhere.

(On the left) You will see the original coat hanger contraption that I had twisted up by hand to do the job of holding all ingredients of a s'more. I wanted my chocolate to be melted all the way, and I wanted my grahams toasty while having a glorious roasty mallow. It worked, and after years of drawings and prototypes, I came up with the timeless design (on the right)of a roaster that will do what it is intended to do even many decades down the road.

Making Dreams a Reality.

Long hours and tons of dedication will make an idea turn into a physical product. These roasters are a labor of love. We assemble each one by hand, ensureing only the highest quality. So much pride is taken when we know these roasters will all have their own story to tell, and the memories that they will create.

It's a Family affair.

During the journey of life our family has grown, I have a beautiful wife Bethany and a 5 year old son Otto, and a 2 year old daughter Indy and I look forward to sharing this s'more journey with them, and exploring all the adventure that life offers. We currently reside in McCall, Idaho where I assemble and operate the Stratos'mores business. Truly blessed to have this opportunity in life to be a Dad and an entreprenuer. We are a family that seeks fun, laughter, and adventure, and hope our little invention can bring some smiles to people's faces.