Where to use your Stratos'mores Roaster

It was important to make our roasters very portable so they can be brought everywhere you want to roast.  Throw em in a backpack for a quick adventure, or keep a few in the RV so you are s'more ready at all times.  Here are a few examples of where and how you can roast.

Fire Pits

The most common place to roast will be in a fire pit. Fire pits in a nice backyard, to a huge bonfire at the beach. Most campgrounds and RV parks will have a nice fire ring at the site. These can be wood burning or propane/natural gas fire pits.

Camping Stoves & BBQs

Don't have access to a fire pit? Well all you need is a nice heat source like a portable propane camping stove or even a BBQ grill propane or charcoal. There are a variety of different ones for all sorts of environments. Bring a couple roasters along for your next tailgating party.

RV or Adventure Mobile

Keep a couple roasters in your trailer, motorhome, adventure-mobile, or RV. Making s'mores while on an adventure is mandatory, make sure you are ready to roast at all times.

In the Backcountry

Sometimes your adventure leads you into the wild, and it may just be a good idea to bring along a s'more roaster to enjoy a delicious treat after a long day on trail. These little backcountry stoves really pack a punch and will get you roasty toasty in no time.

Stratos'mores roasters make excellent gifts for anyone. Hosting a party? Bust out the ingredients and let Stratos'mores® impress.